9 Amazing Places to Retire in Hawaii That You Need to See


This web story highlights 9 amazing locations in Hawaii for retirees seeking a relaxed, beautiful lifestyle.

Hilo is the largest city on the Big Island, but it still has a charming small-town vibe.



Waimea is a rural town on the Big Island that is known for its paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) culture. 



Kaneohe is a suburb of Honolulu on the windward side of Oahu. 



Honolulu is the capital and largest city of Hawaii, located on the south shore of Oahu.



Wailea is a resort town on the south coast of Maui, where you can find some of the most upscale and elegant properties in Hawaii.



Maunawili is a suburb of Honolulu on the windward side of Oahu, nestled in a lush valley.



Kailua is a town on the windward side of Oahu, known for its stunning beaches and relaxed lifestyle.



Lahaina is a town on the west coast of Maui, that was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. 



Kapaa is a town on the east coast of Kauai, that has a diverse and multicultural population. I



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