9 Amazing Adventures in Sequoia National Park


A wonderland of giant trees, majestic mountains, and diverse wildlife. In this web story, you will discover 9 hikes and drives you can’t miss in this amazing park. 

This easy, paved trail leads you to the world’s largest living tree, measuring over 36 feet in diameter and 275 feet in height. 

General Sherman Tree Trail 


Moro Rock Trail is a short but steep hike that rewards you with panoramic views of the park and the Great Western Divide.  

Moro Rock Trail 


Crescent Meadow Loop Trail is a gentle hike that takes you through a lush meadow surrounded by sequoias and other trees. 

Crescent Meadow Loop Trail  


Tokopah Falls Trail is a moderate hike that follows the scenic Marble Fork of the Kaweah River to the base of a 1,200-foot waterfall. 

Tokopah Falls Trail  


Crystal Cave Tour is a guided tour that takes you underground to explore a marble cavern filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and other formations.  

Crystal Cave Tour 


Big Trees Trail is another easy, paved trail that circles a meadow and showcases some of the park’s largest and oldest sequoias.  

Big Trees Trail 


Congress Trail is an extension of the General Sherman Tree Trail that takes you deeper into the heart of the sequoia grove.  

Congress Trail 


Kings Canyon Scenic Byway is a 50-mile drive that takes you from the foothills to the high country of the park. 

Kings Canyon Scenic Byway  


Mineral King Road is a 25-mile drive that takes you to a remote and rugged area of the park. 

Mineral King Road  


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