9 Amazing Activities to Do in Bryce Canyon National Park


Welcome to Bryce Canyon National Park, a red-rock wonderland of hoodoos, hiking trails, and scenic views. In this web story, you will discover 9 amazing activities to do in this stunning park. 

One of the best ways to start your day at Bryce Canyon is to watch the sunrise at Bryce Point, offering panoramic views of the amphitheater and hoodoos.

See the Sunrise at Bryce Point 


The trail follows the edge of the plateau for 5.5 miles one-way, passing by popular spots like Inspiration Point, Sunrise Point, and Sunset Point. 

Hike the Rim Trail 


The trail descends from Sunset Point into the canyon, passing by iconic formations like Thor’s Hammer, Wall Street.

Explore the hoodoos on the Navajo Loop Trail 


If you want to extend your hike in the canyon, you can combine the Navajo Loop Trail with the Queen’s Garden Trail.

Combine the Navajo Loop Trail with the Queen’s Garden Trail 


You can join a guided tour that will take you to some of the most scenic spots in the park, such as the Peekaboo Loop Trail.

Ride a Horse or a mule in the Canyon 


If you prefer to see the park from the comfort of your car, you can drive along the scenic 18-mile road that runs from the park entrance to Rainbow Point. 

Drive along the Scenic 18-mile Road 


After a morning of exploring the park, you might want to relax and enjoy a picnic at one of the park’s picnic areas. 

Enjoy a picnic at one of the Park’s Picnic Areas 


If you want to enhance your visit to the park, you can join a ranger-led program or a night sky program. 

Join a Ranger-led program or a Night Sky Program 


One of the best ways to end your day at Bryce Canyon is to watch the sunset at Sunset Point.

See the Sunset at Sunset Point 


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