8 US Cities That Feel Like You’re in Another Country

Do you love to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes? You don’t have to go far to find them. Here are 8 US cities that feel like you’re in another country.

A Bavarian Village in the Pacific Northwest Leavenworth is a charming town that looks like it belongs in Germany.

Leavenworth, Washington


A Desert Adventure in the Middle East. Moab is a stunning destination that resembles the red sandstone of Petra and the Jordanian desert.

Moab, Utah


A Dutch Wonderland on Lake Michigan. Holland is a lovely town that celebrates its Dutch heritage. You can admire a windmill, a lighthouse, and a tulip festival.

Holland, Michigan


Solvang is a cozy village that transports you to Denmark. You can see timber-framed houses, windmills, and a replica of Copenhagen’s Rundetaarn.

Solvang, California


Chimayó is a historic town that honors its Hispanic and Native American roots. You can visit an adobe church with healing dirt floors and a prayer path.

Chimayó, New Mexico


The Switzerland of America. Ouray is a picturesque town that nestles in the Rocky Mountains. You can stay in a Swiss-style chalet and soak in natural hot springs.

Ouray, Colorado


New Orleans is a vibrant city that blends French, African, and Creole influences. You can enjoy live music, nightlife, and cuisine.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Honolulu is a beautiful city that showcases Hawaiian culture. You can surf on the waves, hike on the volcanoes, and dance at a luau.

Honolulu, Hawaii


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