8 Unforgettable Grand Canyon Sights


If you are seeking a place to leave you breathless, look no further than the Grand Canyon. This majestic wonder offers a plethora of attractions to enthrall all types of travelers.

Whether you want to hike, raft, fly, or just admire the scenery, you will find something to suit your taste. Here are eight sights not to miss.

Explore the historic buildings and landmarks of this bustling tourist hub on the South Rim.

Grand Canyon Village


The most popular and accessible rim of the Grand Canyon offers a variety of trails, viewpoints, and activities for visitors of all ages and abilities.

South Rim


A stunning vantage point close to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, offering views of the Colorado River and the inner gorge of the canyon.

Mather Point


Embark on a 13-mile mostly paved route tracing the South Rim's edge, adorned with scenic overlooks and historic landmarks along the way.

Rim Trail


A demanding yet fulfilling path from the South Rim descends to the canyon's base, leading by rest houses, water sources, and the iconic Phantom Ranch.

Bright Angel Trail


Enjoy the stunning scenery along Desert View Drive, a 25-mile stretch of highway that follows the rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Desert View Drive


Experience breathtaking 360-degree canyon views as you hike the steep and scenic South Kaibab Trail, tracing a ridge to the Colorado River.

South Kaibab Trail


Discover Native American art and culture at the 70-foot Desert View Watchtower, providing panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.

Desert View Watchtower


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