8 Romantic Getaway Ideas in Georgia Under $100


Discover 8 budget-friendly and romantic destinations in Georgia for couples. From scenic mountains to historic cities, Georgia has it all. Book your getaway now.

Stone Mountain Park has paths for walking, cable cars, and a laser show every night. Great for people who love nature.

Stone Mountain


Jekyll Island has a special area that's a national landmark, beaches, paths for biking, and lots of animals. It's a calm and peaceful place to relax.

Jekyll Island


Athens has cool cafes, places for music, art galleries, and a garden with lots of plants. It's a fun and creative place to visit.



Blue Ridge is a small town in the mountains with places to make beer, shops, and a train that goes through beautiful views. It's a comfy and pretty place to go for a break.

Blue Ridge


Savannah is a nice city with streets made of cobblestones, little parks, and big fancy houses. It's a romantic and interesting place to visit.



Tybee Island is a town by the beach with a tall lighthouse, a long pier, and lots of seafood to eat. It's a relaxed and sunny place for a holiday.

Tybee Island


Dahlonega is an old town with places where they make wine, waterfalls to see, and a museum about gold. It's a nice and exciting trip.



Helen is a pretend German village with stores, places to eat, and parties. It's a different and fun place to go.



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