8 Reasons Why You Should Choose an RV Resort Over a Campground


RV Resorts offer an affluent, vacation-like atmosphere with a more comprehensive array of recreational activities.

RV resorts have more amenities than campgrounds, such as pools, fitness centers, and restaurants

Reason #1

RV resorts offer more comfort and privacy than campgrounds, with spacious, well-maintained, and landscaped RV sites.

Reason #2

RV resorts provide more convenience than campgrounds, with full hookups, easy access, and concierge services.

Reason #3 

RV resorts cater to different lifestyles and preferences than campgrounds, with options for families, retirees, and luxury seekers.

Reason #4

RV resorts have more recreational opportunities than campgrounds, with activities such as golf, kayaking, and yoga.

Reason #5

RV resorts are more cost-effective than campgrounds, with discounts, memberships, and packages available.

Reason #6

RV resorts are more environmentally friendly than campgrounds, with practices such as recycling, composting, and solar power.

Reason #7

RV resorts are more secure than campgrounds, with gated entrances, surveillance cameras, and staff on duty.

Reason #8

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