8 Real Cities That Are Completely Underwater Today! 


8 real cities have succumbed to the depths, each with a unique story of submersion. Join us as we dive into the depths of history to uncover the mysteries of these underwater urban areas.

Ancient Dwarka, submerged below modern Dwarka, holds ruins of Lord Krishna's city, discovered in 2000, with golden palaces and precious gems.

Dwarka, India


In ancient Italy, Baia was a celebrity hotspot for kings and queens. It's now underwater, with remnants visible, making it a tourist attraction. 

Baia, Italy


A 1,500-year-old city was found under Bolivia's Lake Titicaca. Divers uncovered a temple, terraces, walls, and roads, confirming the existence of the legendary city of Wanaku. 

Wanaku, Bolivia


Cleopatra's Palace, with her tomb, found underwater near Alexandria, along with the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Temple of Isis, promises to be a top tourist attraction.

Alexandria, Egypt


Atlit-Yam in Israel is an underwater Neolithic city, showcasing well-preserved artifacts and structures, including roads, houses, stone circles, and skeletons.

Atlit-Yam, Israel


Jal Mahal, a 300-year-old palace in India's Man Sagar Lake, resembles Taj Mahal in a kiddie pool. Flooded by a dam, it's now a tourist spot, best seen at night with the moon's glow.

Jal Mahal, India 


Its origins are debated, but its size and shape suggest human construction. Divers are fascinated by this spectacle. 

Yonaguni Jima, Japan


Curon, Italy, submerged under Lake Resia, reveals only its bell tower, a silent witness to its watery fate.

Curon Venosta, Italy 


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