The 8 Must-See Highlights of Holland's Tulip Time Festival


Embark on a colorful journey through the vibrant tapestry of Holland's Tulip Time Festival. Discover the 8 must-see highlights that promise an unforgettable experience.

Experience the breathtaking sight of millions of tulips lining 6 miles of streets in vibrant hues, a mesmerizing drive during Tulip Time.

Vibrant Tulip Lanes


Witness locals dressed in traditional Dutch attire, dancing with wooden shoes at various festival venues.

Dutch Heritage Dancing 


Shop for iconic Dutch souvenirs like delicately painted Delftware and hand-carved wooden shoes.

Shop for Wooden Shoes and Delftware


Explore De Zwaan, the only authentic Dutch windmill in the U.S., milling flour since the 1700s.

Tour an Authentic Dutch Windmill


Enjoy Holland's largest fireworks show over Lake Macatawa, a dazzling display during Tulip Time.

Catch the Fireworks and Parades


At the lively carnival, experience thrilling rides and indulge in Dutch snacks like oliebollen and krakelingen.

Carnival Fun And Treats


Savor traditional dishes like speculaas cookies, and pea soup at local eateries and markets.

Authentic Dutch Cuisine


Celebrate Tulip Time with a week of diverse performances, from rock bands to Broadway-style musicals.

Musical Performances and Theatre


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