8 Historic Sites to Explore the American Revolution 


The American Revolution, spanning 1775 to 1783, marked a historic battle for US independence from Britain, featuring conflicts, boycotts, protests, and diplomacy.

The Boston Tea Party was one of the most famous acts of resistance against British taxation. 

Boston Tea Party Museum 


The Old North Church is the oldest standing church in Boston and the site of a famous signal during the Revolutionary War. 

Old North Church 


Independence Hall, where delegates from the 13 colonies declared independence in 1776 and crafted the Constitution in 1787. 

Independence Hall 


Valley Forge was the site of the Continental Army’s winter encampment in 1777-1778. It was a time of hardship and suffering for the soldiers, who faced cold.

Valley Forge National Historical Park 


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It was a series of clashes between British and American forces in September and October of 1777 near Saratoga, New York.  

Saratoga National Historical Park 


The Yorktown Battlefield is where the Revolutionary War ended with a decisive American victory.

Yorktown Battlefield 


Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first president of the United States.  

Mount Vernon 


Monticello was the home of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. 



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