8 Best Hikes to Explore the Beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park features red rocks, pink cliffs, and endless vistas. It hosts the largest hoodoo concentration on Earth, shaped by millions of years of erosion.

It follows the edge of the amphitheater for 11 miles, offering spectacular views of the hoodoos, canyons, and forests below. 

The Rim Trail  


The Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop is the most popular hike in Bryce Canyon, combining two of the best trails in the park. 

The Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop 


The Fairyland Loop is a strenuous hike that takes you to a less crowded and more challenging section of the park.  

The Fairyland Loop 


It’s a 5.5-mile loop that starts at Bryce Point and loops around the canyon, passing by hoodoos, windows, and arches.  

The Peekaboo Loop 


It’s a 1-mile loop that winds through a forest of ancient bristlecone pines, some of which are over 1,800 years old. 

The Bristlecone Loop  


The Mossy Cave is an easy hike that takes you to a hidden gem in the park, a small waterfall and a moss-covered cave. 

The Mossy Cave 


The Under-the-Rim Trail is the longest and most difficult hike in Bryce Canyon. 

The Under-the-Rim Trail  


The Riggs Spring Loop is a moderate hike that takes you to the southern end of the park, where the scenery changes from hoodoos to forests and meadows. 

The Riggs Spring Loop 


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