8 Best Beach Towns for an Early Summer Vacation


Explore the top 8 beach towns perfect for an early summer getaway. From serene coastal escapes to vibrant seaside locales, plan your ideal vacation now.

Nestled on the Space Coast, discover unspoiled beaches and witness magical sea turtle nesting during June and July nights.

Melbourne Beach, Florida


Enjoy free summer concerts at the iconic Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, a historic open-air pavilion since 1963.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


Experience great saltwater fishing on the Gulf Coast at Galveston Fishing Pier, offering scenic views and impressive catches.

Galveston, Texas


Stroll the classic boardwalk, indulge in fresh-made donuts at Britts Donuts, and explore hiking trails at nearby Carolina Beach State Park.

Carolina Beach, North Carolina


Escape to the tranquil shores of Chesapeake Bay for fishing, beach strolls, and seafood delights in this laidback beach town.

Cape Charles, Virginia


Immerse yourself in the pirate culture at the birthplace of the shrimping industry, Fernandina Beach, with lively festivals and historic charm.

Fernandina Beach, Florida


Experience the revival of this coastal gem with locally-owned shops, sunset picnics, and a relaxed Gulf Coast vibe.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi


Bask in the sun along 35 miles of coastline, indulge in fresh seafood, and unwind at resorts like Longboat Key Resort with private beaches and cabanas.

Sarasota, Florida


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