7 WOW Volcanic Islands That Are Actually Safe to Visit!


These 7 volcanic islands offering breathtaking landscapes and peace of mind for travelers. From Hawaii's vibrant shores to Iceland's remote beauty, embark on a thrilling, safe escape. 

Discover the easternmost Canary Island's surreal volcanic landscape, dine at El Diablo, and enjoy various activities like diving and exploring La Graciosa.

Lanzarote (Spain)


A serene escape from Bali offers trekking amidst volcanic beauty, with Mount Rinjani's challenging summit and secluded beaches.

Lombok (Indonesia)


Emerald Isle with lush backcountry, volcanic adventure, and serene beaches. Explore safely and unwind at Little Bay Beach.

Montserrat (Caribbean)


Standing at 1117m high, 50 km in circumference, Sakurajima's immense size dominates, with lava paths, historic sites, and unique local products to explore.

Sakurajima (Japan)


Explore Maui's tropical charm with volcanoes, sunrise at Haleakala, golf at Kaanapali, and a boardwalk adorned with galleries and shops.

Maui (Hawaii)


Hike Agios Stefanos, behold the dramatic caldera slopes, explore volcanic formations, but mind midday extremes.

Nisyros (Greece)


Italian island bliss awaits with volcanic landscapes, hot springs, sandy beaches, medieval charm, and therapeutic spas.

Ischia (Italy)


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