7 Wild Activities to Try in Everglades Park


The Everglades is a World Heritage Site in Florida with a rich ecosystem and wildlife. It protects many species and habitats. Visitors can enjoy nature and adventure in the park.

Discover 7 exciting ways to enjoy Everglades Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the US. Don’t miss the fun and adventure.

Experience the Everglades on an airboat ride, known for its thrilling swamp adventure. Not for everyone due to loud noise, but worth considering for the adrenaline rush.

Take an Airboat Tour


Visit Everglades Alligator Farm for up-close encounters, thrilling shows, and boat rides among gators. An unforgettable experience near Everglades National Park!

Tour the Everglades Alligator Farm


Explore Everglades up close on a ranger-guided kayak tour. Paddle through mangroves and coastal waters for an immersive park experience.

Ranger Guided Kayak Tour


Experience fishing in Everglades National Park! One-third saltwater, the rest freshwater. Check NPS site for fishing info and require Florida state license.

Go Saltwater or Freshwater Fishing


Hike Gumbo Limbo Trail in Everglades NP for a magical journey through subtropical forests. Shady and enchanting, a must-try alternative to open swamplands.

Hike the Gumbo Limbo Trail


Experience camping in Everglades NP! From Flamingo Campground to wilderness sites, book early for a comfortable or adventurous stay.

Camp Out in the Swamp


Try slough slogging in Everglades NP for an adventurous, up-close swamp experience. Ranger-guided walk through the River of Grass, water up to knees at times.

Go Slough Slogging


Spot alligators on the Anhinga Trail in Everglades NP. Paved loop trail from Royal Palm Visitor Center offers easy walking and great wildlife viewing.

Spot Alligators on the Anhinga Trail


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