7 Weekend Getaways in the U.S. That Will Change Your Life


Escape to these 7 U.S. destinations for a life-changing weekend. Whether you prefer cities, nature, or culture, each getaway offers something unique.

Experience the music city and its rich history. Spend at least 3 days to enjoy the live music and the southern hospitality.

Nashville, Tennessee


Enjoy the tropical paradise and the laid-back vibe of Key West. Spend 3 to 4 days to have fun in the sun and the surf.

Key West, Florida


Relax at the oldest seashore resort in America. Spend 2 to 3 days to unwind on the beach and explore the historic district.

Cape May, New Jersey


Experience the wilderness and the wildlife of the Yellowstone mountain range. Spend 3 to 4 days to connect with nature and adventure.

Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming


Discover the quirky and creative city of Portland. Spend 3 to 4 days to enjoy the urban attractions and the nearby natural wonders.

Portland, Oregon


Find your zen in the spiritual and scenic town of Sedona. Spend 2 to 3 days to relax, meditate, and rejuvenate.

Sedona, Arizona


Have fun in the sun and the surf of San Diego. Spend 4 to 5 days to explore the city and its surroundings.

San Diego, California


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