7 US Cities to Avoid: Nightmares to Live or Visit!


Amidst the diversity and beauty of the US, a few cities present challenges. Discover 7 places to exercise caution when living or visiting.

Once a thriving industrial hub, Detroit has faced decades of decline with poverty, crime, unemployment, blight, and struggling public services and education.

Detroit, Michigan


Chicago, known for its culture, contends with severe weather, high taxes, traffic, corruption, and ongoing challenges with gun violence and gangs.

Chicago, Illinois


Atlanta, a hub for business and culture, grapples with severe traffic, high crime rates, homelessness, and air pollution, affecting its vibrant scene.

Atlanta, Georgia


New York City, globally renowned, offers opportunities and diversity but grapples with high living costs, crowds, noise, and cleanliness issues.

New York City, New York


Baltimore, rich in history and culture, faces challenges with poverty, crime, drug abuse, violence, low education and health rates, and social unrest.

Baltimore, Maryland


Anaheim, known for Disneyland's magic, grapples with issues like poverty, crime, homelessness, inequality, and challenges in safety and affordability

Anaheim, California


San Francisco, a stunning and progressive city, faces a crisis with soaring living costs, housing shortages, homelessness, sanitation problems, and elevated crime rates.

San Francisco, California


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