7 Unforgettable Cultural Experiences to Enjoy in Asia in 2024


Explore the diverse and vibrant culture of Asia in 2024. From lanterns to mud, enjoy 7 unforgettable festivals and traditions across the continent. 

Thai Lantern Festivals, Witness the magical sight of thousands of lanterns floating in the sky and water.

Loy Krathong and Yi Peng


The Festival of Colors in India. Celebrate the arrival of spring by throwing colorful powders and water at your friends and strangers.



The Lunar New Year Celebration. Join the biggest and most festive holiday in China and many other Asian countries. Enjoy fireworks, dragon dances, and red envelopes.

Chinese New Year


The Winter Wonderland in Japan. Marvel at the giant snow and ice sculptures that transform the city into a frozen art gallery. 

Sapporo Snow Festival


The Hindu Festival of Faith in Malaysia. Witness the devotion of the pilgrims who carry kavadis, or burdens, pierced through their skin.



The Festival of Lights in India. Celebrate the triumph of good over evil by lighting candles, lamps, and fireworks.



The Water Festival in Thailand. Have fun and cool off by splashing water on everyone you see. It’s also a time to show respect to elders and Buddha.



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