7 Ugliest Cities in the US (According to Americans)


Discover the less picturesque side of the US with 7 cities criticized for issues like pollution, crime, poverty, and design, according to online opinions.

Detroit, once a thriving industrial center, has faced economic decline, population loss, and urban decay, earning the unflattering nickname "the armpit of America."

Detroit, Michigan


Fresno, in the smoggy San Joaquin Valley, lacks greenery despite the farmland surroundings, earning descriptions like "a giant strip mall.

Fresno, California


Cleveland, on Lake Erie's shores, underutilizes its waterfront and struggles to shed its industrial image for a contemporary identity.

Cleveland, Ohio


El Paso is a border city that faces Juarez, Mexico. The city is dry, dusty, and hot, with little vegetation or shade. The city is also plagued by crime and violence.

El Paso, Texas


Honolulu's allure is fading for some due to overdevelopment, tourism, and traffic, despite Hawaii's natural beauty.

Honolulu, Hawaii


New Haven boasts Yale University's prestige but grapples with high poverty, crime, and homelessness rates, revealing its darker side.

New Haven, Connecticut


Birmingham was once a major center of steel production, but it has declined since the industry collapsed. The city also has a stained history of violence.

Birmingham, Alabama


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