7 Top Places to See the Northern Lights in Ontario This Winter


Welcome to Ontario, the best place to see the Northern Lights in Canada. In this story, we will show you 7 places to see the aurora borealis this winter and how to enjoy this natural phenomenon.

This is the closest place to Toronto where you can see the Northern Lights. It is a dark sky preserve with low light pollution and high geomagnetic activity.

Torrance Barrens Night Sky Reserve 


This is a remote and peaceful place on Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world. 

Gordon’s Park Eco Reserve 


This is one of the best spots in North America to see the Northern Lights. It is a stunning park with rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and ancient forests.  

Lake Superior Provincial Park 


This is another gem on the shores of Lake Superior. It is a wilderness park with diverse landscapes and wildlife. 

Pukaskwa National Park 


This is the world’s largest game preserve covering over 700,000 hectares of land. It is a vast and wild area with little light pollution and abundant wildlife. 

Chapleau Nature Preserve 


This is a unique and cultural place to see the Northern Lights. It is located on the Moose River, near James Bay.

Cree Moose Factory Island and Cree Village Ecolodge 


This is the most isolated and adventurous place to see the Northern Lights in Ontario. 

Polar Bear Provincial Park 


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