9 Tips to Experience Alaska's Winter Wonderland


Alaska's winter wonderland beckons with snow, ice, and adventure. Explore wilderness, embrace culture, and witness the aurora in the Last Frontier.

Alaska’s winter lasts from October to March, but the best time to see the northern lights is near the equinoxes in September and March. 

Choose the Right Time to visit 


Alaska’s winter can be cold and snowy, so you need to bring the right gear and clothing.

Pack Smart and Dress Warmly 


One of the best ways to explore Alaska is by car, as you can stop at scenic spots and roadside attractions along the way. 

Rent a Car and Drive Carefully 


The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are one of the main attractions of Alaska’s winter. 

See the Northern Lights 


Dog sledding, or mushing, is a traditional and fun way to experience Alaska’s winter. 

Go Dog Sledding 


Alaska is home to many glaciers, which are massive rivers of ice that carve the landscape.

Visit a Glacier 


Alaska’s winter is not all about nature and adventure. You can also experience the culture and history of Alaska through its festivals and events. 

Enjoy the Winter Festivals and Events 


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