7 Tips for Completing the Pacific Crest Trail


The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), spanning California, Oregon, and Washington, offers a challenging journey through diverse landscapes. Here are 7 tips for completing this rewarding trail.

The first step to hike the PCT is to get your permits. You need a PCT Long-distance Permit, a California Fire Permit, and a Canada PCT Entry Permit.

Get Your Permits


The next step is to plan your resupply strategy. You need to figure out how often and where you will get food, water, and other supplies along the trail.

Plan Your Resupply


The third step is to choose your gear. You want lightweight, durable, and comfortable gear for the trail. Also, gear suitable for the different climates.

Choose Your Gear 


The fourth step is to train your body and mind. Be physically and mentally prepared for the trail by hiking regularly and increasing mileage.

Train Your Body and Mind


The fifth tip is to be flexible and adaptable. Adjust plans and expectations according to trail conditions and your situation.

Be Flexible and Adaptable


The sixth tip is to follow trail etiquette. Respect the trail, wildlife, and other hikers by following Leave No Trace principles, such as packing out your trash.

Follow the Trail Etiquette


The seventh tip is to take care of yourself. Pay attention to your physical and mental health on the trail by staying hydrated, eating well, and resting properly.

Take Care of Yourself


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