7 Things to Know Before Visiting Columbus, Ohio After the Tornado


Columbus, Ohio is a vibrant city with a lot to offer. But if you’re planning to visit soon, you should be aware of some changes and challenges caused by the recent tornado that hit the area.

The tornado that struck on February 28, 2024, was one of the strongest in Ohio’s history. It caused widespread damage to buildings, trees, power lines, and roads. 

Tornado Damage


The weather in Columbus can be unpredictable, especially in spring. Check the forecast before travel and pack accordingly. Be prepared for rain, wind, and temperature changes.

Weather Forecast


Navigate Columbus by car, but expect traffic issues post-tornado. Explore public transport cautiously, verifying schedules due to potential storm-related route disruptions.

Transportation Options


Columbus offers diverse attractions for all ages. Discover downtown, museums, parks, or catch a game. Due to tornado impacts, verify hours online or call ahead.

Attractions and Activities


Columbus is a foodie’s haven, offering diverse cuisines. Due to the tornado, confirm restaurant availability and menus online or reserve ahead if feasible.

Food and Drink


Columbus is usually safe, but after the tornado, be careful. Avoid damaged areas for safety. Listen to authorities and report problems.

Safety and Security


Support Columbus post-tornado. Visit, spend money, donate, or volunteer for relief efforts. Join local events and fundraisers to aid recovery.

Support and Recovery


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