7 Relaxing Destinations to Explore in Iowa this December


Lowa is more than just cornfields and farms. It’s a state full of natural beauty, historic charm and cozy attractions. 

Enjoy the colorful flowers, exotic butterflies and soothing waterfalls at this award-winning arboretum in Dubuque. 

Dubuque Arboretum 


Experience the simple life at this quaint B&B in Postville. You’ll get privacy, comfort and a warm breakfast every morning. 

Little House on the Farm


Visit the world’s smallest chapel in Festina. This 12 by 16 feet building is a place of quiet reflection and spiritual solace. 

St. Anthony of Padua Chapel  


Stay at this rugged cabin in Westfield. You’ll be surrounded by nature and wildlife, and have access to hiking trails and scenic views. 

Five Ridge Prairie Cabin 


Explore the enchanting trails, cliffs and overlooks at this state park in McGregor. You’ll see the Mississippi River, Native American mounds and a historic fort. 

Pikes Peak State Park 


Visit the largest public garden in Iowa in Ames. You’ll see 26 different gardens, a butterfly wing, a conservatory and a sculpture park. 

Reiman Gardens 


Feel like you’re in a fairy tale at this Luxembourger village in eastern Iowa. You’ll admire the historic architecture, the stone church and the vineyard. 

St. Donatus 


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