7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Death Valley National Park 


Death Valley is not just a desert. It’s a place of beauty, adventure, and mystery. 

Death Valley holds the world record for the highest air temperature ever recorded: 134°F (56.7°C) in 1913 

Experience the Hottest Place on Earth 


Badwater Basin is 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level, making it the lowest elevation in North America.

See the Lowest Point in North America 


Death Valley is home to diverse geological features, such as salt flats, sand dunes, canyons, and mountains.  

Marvel at the Colorful Landscape  


The Racetrack is a dry lake bed where rocks seem to move by themselves, leaving behind trails on the ground. 

Witness the Mystery of the Moving Rocks 


Death Valley's history includes Native American settlements, Gold Rush pioneers, and miners extracting borax and minerals. 

Explore the History and Culture of Death Valley  


Death Valley is one of the best places in the world to see the stars, thanks to its low light pollution and clear air. 

Enjoy the Dark Skies and Starry Nights 


Death Valley is not a lifeless wasteland. It supports a surprising variety of plants and animals that have adapted to the harsh environment. 

Find Oasis and Wildlife in the Desert 


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