7 Reasons to Hike in Glacier National Park


Welcome to Glacier National Park, a hiker’s paradise in Montana. 

From easy strolls to challenging alpine treks, there is something for everyone 

Over 700 miles of Trails for all Levels of Hikers 


Glacier National Park is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the United States 

Breathtaking views 


You can encounter mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bears, moose, and more in their natural habitat

Abundant Wildlife Sightings 


The Hidden Lake Overlook, and the Grinnell Glacier. These are some of the most popular and rewarding hikes in the park 

Iconic Hikes like the Highline Trail 


You can stay in cozy and rustic accommodations that date back to the early 20th century 

Historic Lodges and Chalets 


You can learn about the Native American tribes, the explorers, and the conservationists who shaped the park’s history.

Cultural and Historical Significance 


You can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing, snowshoeing, and more depending on the time of year.

Seasonal activities and events 


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