7 Reasons to Hike in Acadia National Park 


Acadia National Park hiker’s paradise in Maine with over 150 miles of trails. Let's find out why you should Hike in Acadia National Park

Climb up metal rungs and ladders on this challenging and exhilarating hike. 

Experience the Thrill of the Precipice Trail 


Another exciting hike with iron rungs and ledges, but shorter and less steep than the Precipice Trail. 

Enjoy the views from the Beehive Trail 


A scenic and easy walk from Sand Beach to Otter Point, with views of the rocky coast and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Walk along the Ocean Path 


A network of historic and well-maintained roads that offer more gentle and level hiking options. 

Explore the carriage Roads and Fire Roads 


Hike to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the US East Coast, and enjoy the panoramic views. 

Summit the highest peak in the park 


Hike through forests, lakes, ponds, marshes, and meadows, and see a variety of wildlife and plants. 

Discover the diversity of the Park’s Environments 


A short hike to the most photographed lighthouse in Maine, located on the southern tip of Mount Desert Island. 

Visit the iconic Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse 


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