7 Picturesque Spots To Catch Sunrise or Sunset in Zion


Embark on nature's finest journey at Zion National Park. Immerse yourself in breathtaking beauty amidst majestic landscapes and serene wilderness.

Explore Zion's diverse scenic spots, where the sky's vibrant hues unfold at sunrise and sunset. Here are seven picturesque locations to witness nature's canvas.

Marvel at rich red mountains and desert views. Best experienced at sunset, when vibrant colours emerge, painting the cliffs orange.

Timber Creek Overlook


A brief but rewarding hike with sunrise casting a warm glow on sandstone cliffs and vibrant sunset hues. Expect crowds at this popular spot.

Canyon Overlook


Steep climb with rewarding views. Blocked sunrise but scenic sunset. Enjoy vistas of Springdale and Watchman Mountain.

Watchman Trail


Grandest view of Zion Canyon. Sunrise or sunset, breathtaking panorama. Hike in the dark and prepare for cooler temps.

Observation Point


Experience wide vistas and mesmerising sunsets as clouds drift by. Facing south, enjoy the glowing sandstone cliffs in the distance.

Kolob Terrace Meadow


A spectacular yet crowded hike requiring permits. Whether at sunrise or sunset, breathtaking vistas unfold along the entire trail.

Angels Landing


A tranquil spot for sunset viewing with a short trail offering closer canyon views. Beware of rocky terrain and snow in winter.

Sunset in the Meadow along Kolob Terrace Road


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