7 Inexpensive Retirement Places in Tennessee


Tennessee is a great state for retirees who want to enjoy a high quality of life on a budget. 

Chattanooga is a popular place to retire in Tennessee. It offers a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty. 



Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee and a rich cultural heritage. It has a low cost of living and a lively downtown. 



Cookeville is a small town with a lot of potential. It has a low crime rate, a good health care system, and a growing economy. 



Clarksville is a military town that welcomes retirees with open arms. It has a low tax burden, a mild climate, and a diverse community. 



Johnson City is a medical hub that offers excellent health care services and facilities. It is also surrounded by mountains and lakes. 

Johnson City  


Franklin is a historic town that preserves its past while embracing the present. It has a high median income, a low poverty rate, and a vibrant arts scene. 



Murfreesboro is a growing city that still retains its small-town feel. It has a low unemployment rate, a high education level, and a diverse population. 



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