7 Incredible Must-Do Activities in Acadia National Park


Welcome to Acadia National Park, a pristine sanctuary nestled on the rugged coastline of Maine, standing as the crown jewel of nature in this picturesque corner of the United States. 

Explore the diverse trails and stunning views of Acadia’s mountains, forests, and coastlines. 



Ride along the historic carriage roads or challenge yourself on some of the park’s toughest trails. 



Paddle through the calm waters of Jordan Pond or explore the rugged coastline with a kayak. 



Sail on a boat tour or rent a kayak or canoe to see Acadia from a different perspective. 



Cool off in one of the park’s freshwater lakes or ocean beaches during the summer months. 



Learn about the unique marine life that inhabits Acadia’s rocky shores and tide pools. 



Spot some of Acadia’s feathered friends, such as loons, peregrines, bald eagles, and more. 



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