7 Hidden Gems in Zion National Park That Only Locals Know 


Discover Zion National Park's hidden gems in 2023! Beyond the popular attractions, locals have secret spots. Uncover 7 of these treasures in our web story!

Explore secret slot canyons in Zion! Beyond the popular Narrows and Subway, try Mystery Canyon and Echo Canyon for a quieter experience without permits.

Secret Slot Canyons Zion


Discover Utah's best view at Zion! While Angels Landing is popular, Observation Point at 6,521 feet offers an even higher and more spectacular panoramic view of Zion Canyon.

Angels Landing


Explore Zion's West Rim Trail, a top backpacking trip. This 16-mile trail reveals stunning canyon, cliff, and mesa views. Choose one or two days based on your pace. 

The West Rim Trail


Explore Kolob Canyons, a gem 40 miles north of Zion's main entrance. Often overlooked, it boasts red rock cliffs, deep canyons. Drive the 5-mile scenic road or hike.

Kolob Canyons


Discover the hidden gem, Kolob Terrace Road, in western Zion. A 21-mile journey from Virgin to Kolob Reservoir reveals diverse landscapes like Checkerboard Mesa and Lava Point.

Kolob Terrace Road


Try the easy Watchman Trail, a 3.3-mile hike from the visitor center to an iconic Zion viewpoint. Ideal for beginners and families, it introduces the park’s scenery and flora.

The Watchman Trail


Explore Chinle Trail, a 15.5-mile moderate hike from Coalpits Wash to Huber Wash. Ideal for day or overnight trips, it winds along Horse Ranch Mountain, crossing washes and hills.

The Chinle Trail


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