7 Hidden Gems in Glacier National Park


Explore Glacier National Park's hidden gems in 2023! Beyond popular spots like Going-to-the-Sun Road, discover lesser-known, rewarding attractions. Uncover 7 gems in this web story!

Hidden Lake is a beautiful alpine lake that lies beneath the towering peak of Bearhat Mountain. The lake is accessible by a 3-mile round trip hike from the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

Hidden Lake


Bowman Lake is one of the largest and most remote lakes in Glacier National Park. It is located in the northwest corner of the park, about 32 miles from the west entrance. 

Bowman Lake


Iceberg Lake is named for the icebergs that float in the lake year-round. The lake is in the shadow of Mount Wilbur and gets very little sun, keeping the water cold enough for icebergs.

Iceberg Lake


Virginia Falls, a stunning Glacier National Park waterfall, is reached by a 3.6-mile hike from St. Mary Falls Trailhead on Going-to-the-Sun Road, passing smaller falls.

Virginia Falls


Discover Ptarmigan Tunnel, a unique 240-foot feature in Glacier National Park. Blasted in 1930, it allows horseback riders access to the Belly River Valley.

Ptarmigan Tunnel


Experience the stunning turquoise Cracker Lake at Mount Siyeh's base in Glacier National Park. Fed by glacial meltwater, its unique color captivates.

Cracker Lake


Explore iconic Grinnell Glacier, easily accessible in Glacier National Park. A 10.6-mile round-trip hike starts from the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead near Many Glacier Hotel.

Grinnell Glacier


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