7 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in Wyoming 2024


Wyoming is a great state to retire in, with no income tax, low sales tax, and plenty of natural beauty. Here are 7 towns that are affordable and attractive for retirees.

Sheridan is a town with a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a stunning location at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. You can enjoy skiing, golfing, hiking.



Cody is a town named after the legendary Buffalo Bill, and it has a lot of western charm and adventure. You can visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, go fishing.



Lander is a town that offers a friendly and active community, with plenty of retirement facilities, medical centers, and recreation options. You can join clubs, volunteer.



Jackson is a town that is famous for its ski resorts, but it also has a lot more to offer. You can admire the art galleries, visit the museums, or enjoy the wildlife.



Worland is a town that is ideal for retirees who want a peaceful and low-cost place to live. You can relax in the hot springs, visit the Washakie Museum.



Cheyenne is a city that combines the amenities of a modern metropolis with the heritage of a frontier town. You can experience the Cheyenne Frontier Days.



Casper is a city that has a lot of history and nature to offer. You can learn about the pioneer trails, the oil boom, and the Native American culture at the museums.



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