7 Charming and Affordable Retirement Gems in Minnesota


Minnesota is a great state for retirees who love nature, culture, and healthcare. But where are the best places to live on a budget? 

Enjoy lakefront living and scenic parks in this affordable community. Albert Lea has a median home value of $97,100. 

Albert Lea 


Explore the beauty of the Iron Range and the history of mining in this rural town. Hibbing has a median home value of $103,000. 



Experience the charm and diversity of this small city, home to the Hormel Foods Corporation. Austin has a median home value of $107,800 



Relax and have fun in this resort town, known for its fishing, golfing, and biking opportunities. Brainerd has a median home value of $117,900 .



Appreciate the tranquility and friendliness of this lakeside town, which has a vibrant arts and culture scene. Fairmont has a median home value of $118,700.



Embrace the outdoors and the arts in this college town, which is the first city on the Mississippi River. Bemidji has a median home value of $147,500. 



Celebrate the diversity and heritage of this agricultural city, which hosts many festivals and events. Worthington has a median home value of $148,400 



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