7 Short and Scenic Hikes Perfect for This Fall

There are plenty of short and scenic hikes that are suitable for beginners and families, and offer stunning views and attractions. In this web story, we’ll show you 7 of the best short hikes in the US that you can enjoy in October 2023.

An easy 0.8-mile loop in Grove Oak, Alabama leads to a breathtaking waterfall. Best viewed after rain. Features bridge access, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

High Falls Trail, Alabama


A one-mile journey through a birch forest. It culminates at a platform showcasing the 200-foot falls surrounded by autumn foliage. Mostly flat with some rocky steps.

Thunderbird Falls Trail, Alaska


Showcases Anasazi cliff dwellings: Betatakin, Keet Seel, Inscription House. A 5-mile hike to Betatakin offers ruin views; moderate-strenuous with guide required.

Navajo National Monument, Arizona


A 2-mile hike in Lake Catherine State Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas, winds through forests to Falls Creek Falls, a 10-foot cascade. Easy-moderate with rocky sections.

Falls Branch Trail, Arkansas


A 4.6-mile coastal path offering ocean, beach, and pier views. Spot surfers, dolphins, and whales. Flat, paved, suitable for walkers, bikers, strollers.

San Clemente Beach Trail, California


A 1-mile, steep hike on an old railway, climbing 2,000 feet. Average grade is 45%, peaking at 68%. Panoramic views await. Descend via Barr Trail or shuttle.

Manitou Springs Incline, Colorado


Tunxis Trail in Connecticut spans 79 miles with varied sections. The 4.8-mile Indian Council Caves Loop highlights rock formations, caves, and water features. Moderate-difficult with steep inclines.

Tunxis Trail, Connecticut


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