7 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in Las Vegas


Las Vegas offers opportunities to meet singles for fun, romance, and adventure beyond the casinos and shows, catering to locals and visitors alike.

Circa Resort & Casino is the newest and coolest hotel in downtown Las Vegas. It’s an adult-only resort that offers a luxurious and exciting stay. 

Circa Resort & Casino


Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is another great option for singles who want to be close to everything. The hotel has comfortable rooms, a fitness center, and a casino. 

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino


Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts is a hotel that offers spacious and elegant suites with kitchenettes, balconies, and stunning views of the Strip.

Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts


S Nightclub is one of the most luxurious and popular nightclubs in Las Vegas. It features world-class DJs, stunning decor, and a massive pool area. 

XS Nightclub 


The Golden Tiki is a cocktail bar that transports you to a tropical island. It has a cozy and quirky atmosphere, with tiki statues, waterfalls, and clam shells.

The Golden Tiki


The Chandelier is a stunning bar that is located inside a giant crystal chandelier. It has three levels, each with its own theme and menu. You can sip on creative cocktails.

The Chandelier


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Atomic Liquors is the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. It has a rich history, as it was once a place where people watched atomic bomb tests from the rooftop.

Atomic Liquors


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