7 Best Places Around The World To Go Camping In October

October is a great month to go camping. The weather is cooler, the crowds are smaller. Whether you want to explore the mountains or the coast at these 7 top global camping spots.

This is one of the stunning places in the US, with its towering red rock, lush green valleys, and clear rivers. Camping in Zion in October means that avoid the summer heat.

Zion National Park, Utah


Chile Patagonia is a vast region that spans across Argentina and Chile, Boasting Earth's most spectacular scenery. In October this offers ideal camping with sunny spring weather.

Patagonia, Argentina


The Lake District is a popular destination for outdoor lovers, with its hills, villages, and lakes. Camping there in October is a great way to experience the beauty of autumn.

Lake District, England


The Okavango Delta, where a river meets a desert, is a wildlife paradise. Camping here in October offers peak dry season wildlife sightings near water.

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Camping along the Great Ocean Road in October is a fun way to explore the diverse region, with pleasant, sunny springtime weather.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


Camping in Banff National Park in October is magical with crisp air, clear skies, and snow-capped peaks in Canada’s oldest, famous park.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


Camping in Tuscany's scenic beauty during October lets you immerse in culture and cuisine, enjoying the harvest of local wines and cheeses.

Tuscany, Italy


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