7 Best Food Experiences in San Francisco


Explore the top culinary delights of San Francisco with these 7 best food experiences. From iconic dishes to hidden gems, savor the diverse flavors of the city by the bay.

Indulge in Chinatown's iconic whole duck, a blend of tradition and modernity with caramelized glory.

Mister Jiu's Whole Duck


Savor chef Corey Lee's homage to Korean comfort food featuring lychee, wood-grilled meats, and innovative dishes.

San Ho Won's Korean BBQ


Treat yourself to the marvel of Irish Coffee, a blend of coffee, fresh cream, and Irish whiskey skillfully crafted at this Marina gem.

The Buena Vista's Irish Coffee


Delight in the celebration of turmeric-and-dill-laced cha ca with whole branzino, a Vietnamese tradition reimagined in Tenderloin.

Bodega SF's Cha Ca


Experience the warmth and exquisite Turkish fare at Kitchen Istanbul, a cozy spot in Inner Richmond with a stellar natural wine list.

Kitchen Istanbul's Mezze


Embark on a sushi tour of the city, sampling Michelin-starred delights at Wako and other standout spots offering omakase experiences.

Wako's Sushi Tour


Stand in line for Swan Oyster Depot's seafood delights, from fresh oysters to Sicilian sashimi, a San Francisco tradition.

Swan Oyster Depot's Seafood


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