6 Unmissable Stops on Your Old Tennessee Trail Road Trip


The Old Tennessee Trail is more than just a road. It’s a journey through time where you can explore the rich heritage and legacy of Tennessee. 

Step into the allure of the Old Tennessee Trail, winding through charming towns, historic sites, and musical landmarks. Discover six must-visit stops on your journey.

Uncover the historic charm of a Great American Main Street with local shops and the Franklin Theatre. Explore Civil War history at Carnton, Carter, and Lotz Houses.

Downtown Franklin


Discover the charm of Leiper’s Fork, a cozy village with music, history, and barbecue. Explore Serenite Maison for vintage instruments and savor the scenic hills and springs.

Leiper’s Fork


Visit Mt. Pleasant on your Tennessee Trail road trip for a taste of history from the Civil War to the Grand Ole Opry, and don't miss a bite at Mt. Pleasant Grille.

Mt. Pleasant


Embark on your Old Tennessee Trail journey in Columbia, renowned for Mule Day and historic sites tied to President James K. Polk's life.



Don't miss Rippavilla Plantation, a key site in Civil War history with its mansion and Spring Hill Battlefield, pivotal in Confederate strategy.

Spring Hill


End your Tennessee Trail journey at Thompson’s Station Battlefield, the site of a major Civil War battle and home to a historic distillery with tours and tastings.

Thompson’s Station


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