6 Spine-Chilling Haunted Locations In the U.S. for Thrill Seekers

Are you looking for some spooky and spectacular destinations to visit in 2023? Do you enjoy exploring the dark and mysterious side of America? If you answered yes, then this web story is for you.

The Winchester Mystery House is a peculiar mansion that has more than 160 rooms and 2,000 doors, many of which cannot be walked through.

Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, California


The New Jersey Pine Barrens is a vast forested area that covers 1.1 million acres of land. It is said to be home to numerous ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

New Jersey Pine Barrens - New Jersey


The Old Lake County Jail is a historic building that was once used to house criminals, including the notorious gangster John Dillinger.

Old Lake County Jail Crown Point, Indiana 


Bonaventure Cemetery is a beautiful and serene burial ground that dates back to the 18th century.

Bonaventure Cemetery - Savannah, Georgia


The Fort East Martello Museum is a historic fort that was built during the Civil War but never saw any action.

Fort East Martello Museum - Key West, Florida


Bodie State Historic Park is a ghost town that was once a booming gold mining community in the late 1800s.

Bodie State Historic Park - Bodie, California


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