6 Places to Experience Native American Culture in the US 


Explore Native American cultures in the US through our web story, featuring 6 places showcasing the beauty and diversity of indigenous peoples and their lifestyles.

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is home to some of the most stunning ancient cliff dwellings in North America. 

Mesa Verde National Park 


The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. is a Smithsonian institution that showcases the art, history, 

National Museum of the American Indian 


The Cherokee Heritage Center in Oklahoma is a cultural and educational hub that preserves and promotes the history and traditions of the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Heritage Center 


Monument Valley is a majestic landscape of sandstone formations that straddles the border between Arizona and Utah. 

Monument Valley 


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The Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage is a cultural center that showcases the traditions and lifestyles of Alaska’s 11 major cultural groups.

Alaska Native Heritage Center 


Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Illinois is the largest prehistoric earthen construction in the Americas. 

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site 


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