4-Day Trip Itinerary in Butch Cassidy's West


Explore Utah's beautiful sights linked to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" movie, where you can visit places connected to the famous outlaw and actor Robert Redford.

Utah's legendary road trip traces Butch Cassidy's steps & Hollywood magic. Visit film spots & natural wonders from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Enjoy St. George's stunning landscapes and iconic film sites like Grafton. Stay for fantastic dining, lodging, and access to Zion National Park. 

The Film (Las Vegas to St. George) (200 Miles)


Butch Cassidy's trails in Utah's southwest unveil his hideouts in Red Canyon, reminiscent of Bryce Canyon. Stay in Panguitch or camp nearby.

Butch Cassidy The Man (205 Miles)


Experience All-American Highway Scenic Byway 12, with iconic scenery like Bryce Canyon. Stay in nearby lodges or campgrounds.

Exploring the Scenery (175 Miles)


Return from Central Utah to Wasatch Front. Enjoy Sundance Resort and Owl Bar for Butch Cassidy's Tales. Explore Park City or head east for more adventures.

Urban Revival (240 Miles)


Plan your trip to Butch Cassidy's West in spring or fall for mild weather and fewer crowds. Ideal for various activities.

What is the best time to plan a trip to Butch Cassidy’s West?

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One of the best places to eat in Butch Cassidy’s West is Butch Cassidy’s Restaurant, home of the famous Butch Burger and Hole in the Wall Chili.

Best Place to Eat?

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