14 Risky Destinations to Avoid in 2023 


Exploring cultures is amazing, but research before visiting. Some 2023 places may be risky due to instability. Be cautious and prioritize safety when planning trips.

Israel is a beautiful country with a rich history, but it also faces ongoing conflict with militant groups, crime, and political unrest.  



Ukraine is a country with a lot of potential, but it also suffers from the turmoil of Russia’s war against it. 



North Korea is one of the most isolated and secretive countries in the world, and also one of the most hostile to the U.S. With no embassy or diplomatic ties to this country.

North Korea 


Mali is a country with a rich culture and natural beauty, but it also struggles with extremist factions in the northern regions. 



Afghanistan remains a highly volatile country due to ongoing conflict and political instability.  



Iraq has faced many security challenges recently, making it a risky destination for American travelers.  



Syria is another country of grave concern. Ongoing civil war and political unrest make it a perilous country for Americans.  



Terrorism takes center stage in Yemen, with terrorist targets including Yemeni Government interests, ministries, security patrols, and parades. 



Somalia is a country that has been plagued by political instability, terrorism, and widespread violence for years. 



Venezuela is a country that has been suffering from a severe economic and humanitarian crisis.  



Iran and the U.S. have a history of tension, marked by conflicts and confrontations, including the recent U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian general. 



China is a country that has a lot of attractions and opportunities, but it also has a lot of challenges and restrictions for American travelers.  



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