10 Charming Activities in Amelia Island


Explore 10 charming activities in Amelia Island! From serene beaches to historic landmarks, plan your ideal getaway with these beloved local attractions.

Experience the vibrant Amelia Island Farmers Market, offering fresh produce and artisanal goods.

Amelia Island Farmers Market


Indulge in local seafood and flavors at Amelia Island's top-rated restaurants and eateries.

Amelia Island Culinary Scene


Explore tranquil waters and spot wildlife while kayaking or paddleboarding around Amelia Island.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding


Climb the steps of the Amelia Island Lighthouse for panoramic views of the coast and beyond.

Amelia Island Lighthouse


Discover the island's rich history through exhibits and guided tours at this fascinating museum.

Amelia Island Museum of History


Step back in time at Fort Clinch, a well-preserved Civil War-era fort with scenic views.

Fort Clinch State Park


Experience unspoiled natural beauty and hiking trails at Amelia Island State Park.

Amelia Island State Park


Walk through history in downtown Amelia Island, home to quaint shops and historic landmarks.

Historic Downtown Amelia Island


Dive into pristine beaches like Fernandina Beach and relax amid stunning Atlantic views.

Amelia Island Beaches


Hit the greens at world-class golf courses surrounded by breathtaking coastal scenery.

Golfing at Amelia Island


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