11 Reasons to Make Horseshoe Bend Your Next Adventure Destination


Have you ever seen a river bend like a horseshoe? That’s what you’ll find at Horseshoe Bend, a spectacular natural attraction in Arizona.

 Horseshoe Bend is one of the most recognized and visited places in the American Southwest.

Reason 1: It’s an iconic landmark

Horseshoe Bend is located near the town of Page, Arizona, and is accessible via a 1.5-mile round trip hike from a parking area off US Highway 89.

Reason 2: It’s easy to access

From the overlook, you can see the Colorado River make a 270-degree turn around a sandstone escarpment.

Reason 3: It offers a stunning view

Horseshoe Bend is a photographer’s dream. Capture the contrast of the blue river, red rock, and changing colors of the sky and canyon.

Reason 4: It’s a great spot for photography

Horseshoe Bend is an example of an entrenched meander, a river that cuts through the uplifted layers of rock.

Reason 5: It’s a geological wonder

Horseshoe Bend is located within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a vast park that covers 1.25 million acres of land and water.

Reason 6: It’s a part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Horseshoe Bend is not the only attraction in the area.

Reason 7: It’s close to other attractions

Horseshoe Bend is more than just a scenic spot.

Reason 8: It’s a place to relax and reflect

Horseshoe Bend is a place to learn and appreciate the history and culture of the region.

Reason 9: It’s a place to learn and appreciate

Horseshoe Bend is a place to have fun and adventure. You can hike, bike, kayak, raft, or boat on the river.

Reason 10: It’s a place to have fun and adventure

Horseshoe Bend is a place to connect and share with your friends and family.

Reason 11: It’s a place to connect and share

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