10 World Class Artworks at the Art Institute of Chicago


Explore 10 iconic masterpieces housed at the Art Institute of Chicago. From timeless classics to modern wonders, discover the pinnacle of artistic brilliance.

12th-century Southern Indian statue symbolizing enlightenment with lotus posture and sacred marks.

Buddha Shakyamuni Seated in Meditation


This stone commemorates Emperor Motecuhzoma II's reign and is adorned with hieroglyphs representing cosmic eras.

The Aztec Stone of the Five Suns


El Greco's celestial masterpiece depicting the Virgin Mary's ascent into heaven amid apostles.

El Greco’s The Assumption of the Virgin


16th-century German field armour showcasing intricate craftsmanship and meticulous restoration.

Medieval Field Armor for Man and Horse


Rembrandt's captivating study of character through striking light and shadow play.

Rembrandt’s Old Man with a Gold Chain


Hokusai's renowned print captures Mount Fuji's majesty amidst a tumultuous ocean.

Hokusai’s The Great Wave


Caillebotte's glimpse into a transformed Parisian street, blending tradition with modernity.

Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte


Degas' innovative blend of monotype and pastel techniques captures the grace of ballerinas.

Ballet At The Paris Opéra by Edgar Degas


Renoir's joyful scene of beauty and brightness, though the girls aren't actually sisters.

Two Sisters by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Breton's idyllic portrayal of rural life was voted America's favourite painting in 1934.

The Song Of The Lark by Jules Breton


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