Meet the Amazing Animals of Acadia National Park 


A place where nature and wildlife thrive. Here are top 10 wildlife species that you can see in this beautiful park. 

The fastest animals on earth, these raptors can dive at speeds of over 200 mph. They nest on the cliffs of Acadia and hunt for smaller birds in the air.

Peregrine Falcons 


These nocturnal hunters have silent wings and sharp eyesight. They prey on rodents, rabbits, and other small animals. 



These elegant waterbirds have a distinctive call and a striking black and white plumage. They can dive up to 200 feet deep to catch fish and crustaceans. 



These graceful herbivores are common in the forests and meadows of Acadia. They feed on grasses, leaves, and berries. 



These clever carnivores are adaptable and opportunistic. They hunt for rodents, rabbits, birds, and insects. 



These playful mammals are excellent swimmers and divers. They feed on fish, frogs, crayfish, and mollusks.  



These industrious rodents are the largest in North America. They build dams and lodges with branches and mud.  



These small and often misunderstood animals are vital for the ecosystem. They eat insects, pollinate flowers, and disperse seeds.  



These marine mammals are often seen on the rocky shores and islands of Acadia. They rest, molt, and breed on land.  



These majestic creatures are the largest animals on earth. They visit the waters off Acadia to feed on plankton, fish, and krill. 



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