Why You Should Avoid These 10 US Cities?

The US is a vast and diverse country with many attractions and destinations. But not all cities are worth your time and money. Some are plagued by crime, poverty, pollution, or natural disasters.

Gary, per Business Insider, is the worst US city, with a 6.3% population drop since 2010, a 35.8% poverty rate, and the highest murder rate in the country.

Gary, Indiana


Port Arthur has the worst air quality in the US, with toxic emissions from oil refineries and chemical plants. It also has a high rate of asthma and cancer.

Port Arthur, Texas


Once thriving, Detroit filed for bankruptcy in 2013, the largest in US history, with a low $29,481 median income and 9.3% unemployment.

Detroit, Michigan


Passaic is notorious for political corruption. In the past decade, three mayors were convicted of crimes, and the city has a high crime rate and low quality of life.

Passaic, New Jersey


Avoid Newark, for its poor health outcomes, including high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and infant mortality, per the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Newark, New Jersey


Pine Bluff, ranked the most depressed city in the US by WalletHub, based on factors like suicide rate, income growth, and leisure time, has lost its charm and vitality.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas 


Flint has suffered a water crisis since 2014, with lead poisoning and bacterial infections due to a cost-saving water source switch, and the water remains unsafe to drink.

Flint, Michigan


Camden, struggling with poverty and violence for years, has the highest US poverty rate at 41.2%, report by Business Insider, along with one of the highest violent crime rates.

Camden, New Jersey


Warren, hit hard by the opioid epidemic, has Ohio's highest overdose death rate, one of the nation's highest, and a high rate of drug-related arrests and crimes.

Warren, Ohio


Most crowded US city at 19,654 people per square mile, with low median income ($38,621) and high living costs.

Huntington Park, California


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