10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Glacier National Park


Planning a trip to Glacier National Park in 2023? Here are 10 things you need to know about park entry, weather, bears, camping, hiking, transportation, and more.

To visit Glacier National Park, reserve a spot online for $2 daily and pay an entrance fee: $35 per vehicle or $20 per person.

Park Entry and Fees


Glacier National Park experiences four seasons. Weather changes fast, requiring preparedness. Summers are warm, winters are cold and snowy, while spring and fall bring mild weather with some rain or snow.

Weather and Climate


At Glacier National Park, ensure safety around black and grizzly bears by using bear-proof containers for food and trash, sticking to trails, carrying bear spray, and calmly backing away if you encounter one.

Bear Safety  Tips


Offers over 1,000 campsites across 13 campgrounds. While many are first-come, first-served, some need reservations—available online or by phone six months ahead. Sites are $10-$23 nightly, with basic amenities provided.

Camping Reservations


Features 700+ miles of trails. Obtain trail maps and closure information online or at visitor centers. Backcountry hiking requires a $7 per person/night permit, available online or at ranger stations.

Hiking Permits and Trail Closures


Explore Glacier National Park via car, especially along the scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road. Consider the free shuttle service from July to September for popular spots, or enjoy guided red bus tours or boat cruises.

Transportation Options


Has six visitor centers providing maps, brochures, and ranger programs. Main centers are at Apgar (west) and St. Mary (east), with others at Logan Pass, Many Glacier, Two Medicine, and Polebridge (North Fork).

Visitor Centers and Information


Preserve Glacier National Park by planning ahead, camping on durable surfaces, properly disposing of waste, leaving surroundings untouched, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting wildlife, and being considerate of others.

Leave No Trace Principles


Glacier National Park's wildflowers bloom spectacularly from late June to August. Visit timing depends on preferences: Summer for warmth and busy trails, fall for cool tranquility and wildlife, winter for serene snow activities, and spring for emerging nature.

Wildflower Blooms and Best Times to Visit


Enhance your Glacier National Park visit with concessionaire-guided tours for activities like hiking, rafting, or cultural insights. Free ranger programs by the National Park Service offer talks and tours on geology, ecology, history, and culture.

Guided Tours and Ranger Programs


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