10 Reasons Why Amelia Island Should Be Your Next Getaway


Discover 10 compelling reasons why Amelia Island is an ideal destination for your next vacation. Experience pristine beaches, historic charm, and much more!

Feel the genuine warmth and hospitality of Amelia Island locals, eager to share their charming community and make visitors feel at home.

Local Hospitality


Amelia Island offers golfers of all skill levels the perfect backdrop for a memorable round.

Golf and Recreation


From music festivals to holiday celebrations, there's always something exciting happening here.

Festivals and Events


Create lasting family memories on Amelia Island with attractions like pirate cruises and hands-on museums, offering fun for all ages.

Family-Friendly Fun


Experience luxury with Amelia Island's upscale resorts and boutique hotels. Enjoy world-class amenities and stunning views in paradise.

Luxury Accommodations


From galleries to live performances, discover creativity at every turn on this culturally rich island.

Arts and Culture


Embark on outdoor adventures on Amelia Island, whether kayaking through salt marshes or hiking scenic trails.

Outdoor Adventures


Experience Amelia Island's finest dining spots, where you can savor fresh seafood and local flavors.

Culinary Delights


Unwind on Amelia Island's tranquil beaches, where miles of white sand and turquoise waters create a haven for sun-seekers and nature lovers alike.

Beautiful Beaches


Discover why Amelia Island is the perfect escape for your next vacation, offering pristine beaches and rich history for all to enjoy.

Historic Charm


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