10 Reasons Add Painted Desert National Park Your 2024 Travel List


Painted Desert National Park: a stunning Arizona desert with colorful badlands, fossils, petroglyphs, wildlife, and cultural history.

The desert colors change dramatically with the light, creating a magical spectacle.

Reason 1: See the sunrise and sunset


There are several trails to explore the desert landscape, from easy to challenging.

Reason 2: Hike the Trails


A historic landmark and museum, with Native American art and architecture.

Reason 3: Visit the Painted Desert Inn


The desert has been home to various peoples, from ancient Puebloans to Spanish explorers.

Reason 4: Learn about the history and culture


The desert preserves the remains of a Triassic forest, with petrified logs and dinosaur tracks.

Reason 5: See the petrified wood and fossils


The desert is home to diverse animals and plants, from pronghorns to cacti.

Reason 6: Enjoy the wildlife and plants


There are two campgrounds in the park, where you can enjoy the night sky and the silence.

Reason 7: Camp under the stars


The park has two scenic routes, with overlooks and viewpoints along the way.

Reason 8: Take a scenic drive


The park offers guided tours, talks, and activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

Reason 9: Join a Ranger Program


The park hosts artists and musicians who share their work and inspiration with the public.

Reason 10: Experience the art and music


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